Beautiful Emco metal siding from ShieldPro Metals.

No more seams or splices – that is the promise of ShieldPro’s Metal Siding from Emco! Although the average home has 130 splices, the average home built with our metal siding has 0. The beauty of an unbroken sheet of siding running the entire side of your house has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. ShieldPro’s Metal is custom fit to the exact length of your home. No more ugly joints or seams ANYWHERE across the whole surface!

And the beauty will last year after year. With our innovative painting methods, your siding will look virtually the same in 10 years as it did the day that you put it up! No more fading, flaking, chipping, cracks, bubbles, or warping.

Metal Siding = No Maintenance

And you won’t believe it, but all this beauty comes with almost complete freedom from maintenance for the homeowner! No more caulking siding gaps, repainting sections of peeling paint, or repairing unsightly cracks in stucco. A simple wash with a garden hose every now and then is all that should be required. This time can now be spent enjoying good times with family and friends in and around your beautiful dwelling.

You also no longer have to worry about either moisture or pest intrusion. The lack of seams or porous surfaces means that there are very few places for them to gain entrance. And this means, of course, that the structure of your house beneath the siding will last much longer as well!

The direct financial benefits of ShieldPro’s Metal Siding can be significant too. First of all, you will save money since you won’t have to worry about buying paint, primer, caulk, sealers, or any other exterior repair products. And in these days of epic home prices, improving the curb appeal of your home with new metal siding might pay dividends that you wouldn’t have dreamed of a few years ago!

Our metal siding from Emco is available in an almost endless array of color combinations to help homeowners turn their dreams into reality. We also provide an extensive list of profile options to help you define your home’s characteristics according to your tastes. And all of the soffit, fascia, guttering, and trim pieces can be perfectly coordinated to match the color of your metal siding.

And to make sure that your peace of mind is complete, we offer the strongest guarantee in the industry on our Metal Siding. Our limited lifetime warranty protects you from any manufacturer defects, and in addition, you are automatically backed by our chalk-and-fade limited lifetime warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Order ShieldPro’s Metal Siding from Emco for your house today and experience the beauty and peace of mind of your dreams!

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