Vinyl Siding

  • Dutch Lap or Clapboard horizontal siding
  • Vertical Board and Batten
  • Cedar Shake designs
  • Soffit and other siding accessories

ShieldPro stocks the best vinyl siding in the industry, Norandex Woodsman Select, which combines the natural warm look of cedar with all the strength and  durability of vinyl. The broad array of both traditional and designer colors, all protected by ColorHold technology and Norandex’s 50-year pro-rated Warranty against fading, means that all tastes and styles can be satisfied with Woodsman Select shingles. ShieldPro can also order in many other shingle varieties to fill any orders.

Choose between Dutch lap with its gently curving concave face or traditional vinyl clapboard siding. Dutch lap’s beveled shape and notched overlay provide an enhanced shadowing effect while clapboard siding’s shadowing is more subtle. This design distinction is purely about aesthetics, however. Homeowners should simply choose the style they prefer since the functionality is essentially the same.

Choose the vinyl siding that provides the exact look you’re seeking today!


Vinyl Siding

For another siding style, choose the attractiveness of vinyl board and batten siding. Board and batten siding has become one of the hottest trends in the siding industry. For 200 years, board and batten provided functional exteriors for America’s barns and farmhouses.

Today, however, board and batten is being rediscovered by contemporary builders and homeowners as the perfect template for a personalized modern style. The flexibility of the spacing of the battens gives it much of its appeal. The look can range from a wide, modern aesthetic to a close, textured look under the eaves.

For one more option, also check out our selection of cedar shake siding with its irregular beauty and natural defenses against insects and the elements.

Acquaint yourself with all these different siding options today! Contact us for availability and pricing!