Brown Metal Roofing

ShieldPro is proud to offer one of the finest selections of Metal Roofing in the area! We offer both Standing Seam and Exposed Fastener metal panels.

Metal Roofing Options

  1. Standing Seam

Standing Seam, the Cadillac of metal roofing systems, is available for both residential and commercial applications. It is formed on site to minimize shipping damage. We offer a profile notch for the FF150 and the SS675 Standing Seam profiles. This means that there is an available tab to close off the end of the rib during installation.

ShieldPro offers both 24- and 26-gauge Standing Seam metal panels from Everlast Metals. These are painted with the PVDF system, although the 26-gauge is also available with the Akzo-Nobel paint system in colors that match the ShieldPro Metals color chart for metal roofing.

ShieldPro Metals also offers specialty products such Copper Standing Seam, Aluminum Standing Seam, and Standing Seam for turrets and other architectural designs.

See below for a full list of the benefits of Standing Seam.

     2. Exposed Fastener

ShieldPro carries both 27- and 28-gauge Exposed Fastener metal panels. The 27-gauge panel is an Omni panel from Everlast Roofing available with the AZM paint system in 18 colors. We now work with a local roll former to produce the 28-gauge metal painted with the award-winning Akzo Nobel paint system, proven by tests to be superior to most other paint systems for its longevity and fade-resistance. With this 28-gauge, we are able to offer an incredible 36-hour lead time! The coil is produced by Progressive Metals.


ShieldPro is pleased to offer both of these types of metal roofing with so many available options. We are especially proud of the extended lifetime and durability offered by our metal available with the Akzo Nobel paint system. Contact us today to experience all that ShieldPro Metals has to offer!


More profiles available. Call for details.

7 Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roofing






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Brite White
Light Stone
Mocha Tan
Light Gray
Ash Gray
Charcoal Gray
Stealth Black
Burnished Slate
Cocoa Brown
Deep Creek Blue
Hawaiian Blue
Forest Green
Patina Green
Bright Red
Rustic Red
Dark Red
Brown Frost
Burnished Slate Frost
Evergreen Frost
Native Copper
Deep Creek Blue Frost
Burgundy Frost
Rural Red Frost
Charcoal Frost
Black Frost