Tired of Drywall? Try Some Trusscore!

Tired of Drywall? Try Some Trusscore!  
Here is something you probably already know.

Drywall is
-Difficult to install

No one really looks forward to installing drywall. Among other drawbacks, it's prone to damage from mold and mildew if it ever gets wet.

But just imagine something.
Imagine a Clean, Easy-to-handle, Moisture-resistant REPLACEMENT for drywall! And imagine if, to top it off, this replacement could be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional drywall!

Fortunately, I am here to tell you that a REPLACEMENT meeting these criteria (and a whole lot more) has just arrived at ShieldPro Metals!

Allow me to introduce ... TRUSSCORE Wall&CeilingBoard, an easy-to-handle polymer product you can install in ONE FOURTH the time of drywall!

Trusscore is a polymer (PVC) product that is everything that drywall is not.
- Clean (No dust is involved in installation. Imagine that!)
- Much faster to install (Drywall takes 4X as long to install!)
- Light and flexible (but also much stronger than drywall)
- Tongue-and-groove (All fasteners and seams are hidden.)
- Does not require the installation expertise of drywall
- Moisture-resistant (You will be able to wash your car in your garage!)
- Completely recyclable (None of it ever needs to end up in a landfill!)

Okay, so how does it do it? As was stated, Trusscore panels are PVC-based; this gives them their moisture-resistance, light weight, and recyclability. In addition, the strength comes from the internal design which resembles a truss framework. (Obviously, this is also where the name comes from – Truss + Core.) And this strength is no small matter. Trusscore panels can withstand the impact of a hockey puck driven against them at full speed without showing more than a trace. Try that stunt against a drywalled wall, and you’ll be repairing it into next week and beyond!

Trusscore panels come in a bright white finish that brightens any room, and better yet, it is incredibly easy to clean. You can even pressure wash it! It is also completely recyclable, including all the off-cuts. No more shoveling up pieces to take to the garbage. Applications include home garages and workshops, commercial projects, including hospitality venues, restaurants, and offices, and agricultural applications from barns, to indoor grow rooms, to animal containment – any facility or room that requires a crisp, clean, long-lasting finish is the perfect candidate for Trusscore panels.

Trusscore. Changing the way the world builds interior walls and ceilings. Learn even more know about this game-changing product today!

And here’s the best part. ShieldPro Metals is now stocking Trusscore Wall and CeilingBoard just in time to save you from dirty, back-breaking work next weekend!

Call ShieldPro Metals at 301-334-1611 to see all the ways that Trusscore could be the answer to your home improvement project dreams!

Try Trusscore and you'll never go back to drywall again! Call 301-334-1611 today.