How to Solve Your Metal Siding Problems

Metal siding is gaining in popularity among homeowners in many parts of the country for good reason. With its strength, durability, low-maintenance, and great variety of styles and colors, residential steel siding is fast becoming the siding of choice for many people as they choose a product that will protect the exterior of their homes from the ravages of rain, wind, snow, and even occasionally, hail.

Even with all its advantages, metal siding has always had one major drawback.

Fixing the Achilles' Heel of Metal Siding

Does the following sentence describe you?

“I love metal siding, but I hate the seams!”

This problem looms large in the minds of many people for a simple reason: the average home with metal siding displays 130 joints. That’s a big number!

Joints in metal siding are not only an aesthetic problem; they also require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure that they remain caulked and impervious to pests and moisture intrusion.

This problem is enough to turn some people against metal siding. This is a shame.

But imagine if you could have all the advantages of metal along with beautiful, unbroken sheets stretching the full length of your house!

And now imagine that this great new look could come with practically ZERO maintenance!

Could it be possible to solve BOTH of these inherent problems with metal siding?

It actually seems to be!

Emco Metal Siding is the wonderful new solution that offers promise in taking care of both of these problems!

Why is Emco Metal Siding the
BEST in the industry?

  • SEAMLESS steel cut to custom lengths
  • No more ugly joints and splices - the whole way across your house!
  • Practically zero maintenance - no more caulking, sealing, or patching of seams!
  • No more worrying about moisture or pest intrusion from seams
  • Fade-resistant, high-grade paint system - available in 24 colors!

And all of this comes with an added piece of long-lasting value – a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Most other metal siding products must be continually overlapped and spliced together every 12 feet or so, creating a pattern of ugly seams and joints. Emco metal offers seamless steel lengths that form the smooth, unbroken look that many homeowners are craving.

More Benefits of Emco Metal Siding

Maintenance-free Emco Metal Siding saves you as the homeowner both time and money. With seamless steel siding from Emco, you no longer need to spend time caulking, patching, painting, or sealing to maintain the exterior appearance of your home. Emco siding looks freshly painted for years with little-to-no maintenance. Who wouldn’t welcome the chance to spend more time and money enjoying life with friends and family rather than maintaining their home?

You can also enjoy the confidence of knowing that a limited lifetime warranty protects you against manufactured defects. You are even protected from color fading by Emco’s chalk-and-fade limited lifetime warranty. These warranties are some of the strongest in the industry. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their new seamless exterior will maintain its beautiful, maintenance-free appearance for years or the company will make it right.

Try Emco in Our Color Visualizer

You can even visualize your home in any of these different colors with the Emco Visualizer!

See your new house for yourself!

The beauty of Emco Metal Siding has many homeowners longing to replace their old metal siding with this brand-new, unbroken look!

Especially when they realize that their days of spending hours on siding maintenance could also soon be OVER!

Call ShieldPro Metals today at 301-334-1611 or visit us online to pre-order the Emco Metal Siding that you need today!

Imagine a SEAMLESS metal experience with Emco Siding (with almost zero maintenance thrown in to boot)! Call ShieldPro Metals at 301-334-1611 or stop by and visit us today to experience Emco for yourself!