Garage Door Problems – Why Some People Don’t Worry About Them

You know how it goes.

One morning, backing out of your garage, you accidentally catch the corner of your garage door panel with your car and bend the garage door panel just a little. The door still operates, of course, but you kick yourself for creating both an eyesore and the possibility of weather intrusion.

Shoot! you think. I should’ve waited longer for that coffee to kick in.

Now what? you wonder as you drive away. I’ll probably have to look at that door for a while. I really don’t even know any decent garage door crews, and I doubt if anyone really does high-quality work on something small like replacing a single panel.

Feeling anything but happy about your garage door, you drive away and try to forget it happened. Until it meets you that evening … and the next morning … and the next and the next and the next.

Garage Doors Are Just Like That!

It seems to come with the territory of having a garage door. No matter how careful you try to be, you're occasionally going to deal with something – something small … but superbly annoying.

Here’s a list of common garage door problems:

1. Door refuses to open or close.
2. Operation of the door is jerky or noisy.
3. Bent panel/cosmetic damage has occurred.
4. Remote control doesn’t work.
5. Door refuses to stay open.

Some of these problems you can fix yourself.

If a garage door is completely inoperative, be sure to first check if the GFCI to the opener receptacle was accidentally tripped. You should also inspect your sensors, first moving any objects that may be blocking them. Clean them with a Q-tip if they are at all dirty, and make certain that they have not been knocked out of alignment.

You should also check that the LOCK button on your garage door opener has not been pushed by mistake.

For jerky or grinding operation, a lubrication of the track and rollers can help, but if the issue is a bent track, you have a more serious problem on your hands. If the remote is dead, check the batteries, of course, as a first step, but programming issues and interference from other electronic devices, including lower-quality LED lights inside or outside of your garage can also be culprits.

These are the simple fixes.

Garage Door Pros Exist for a Reason!

For anything more complicated, garage door problems and repairs are best left to the pros:

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Garage doors are heavy, and work involving the spring or door release is dangerous.
2. Garage door repairs require expertise with the many small, specialized parts involved.
3. DIYers can easily spend far more time on repairs than they ever anticipated.
4. Working on your garage door yourself can void your warranty.
5. The cost of faulty repairs can be far higher than a single professional repair.
6. Garage doors can make up a significant chunk of a home’s curb appeal, so there is no sense in cutting corners on them.
7. Faulty garage doors can represent a security risk to your home.  

Help Is Available for Your Garage Door Problems!

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